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I Need To Stay

Hey look... it's me!

That fella in the picture over there is me, Kieran. I'm currently 19 years old (if I remember to change this) and a mostly independently releasing music producer. I pride myself on having a creative sound, diving into something new with each release and trying to venture into musical territory that hasn't been discovered yet. In 2022 my sound changed substantially, starting with my release Where We Go and continuing through with a highly anticipated song of mine called Blame On Me. This change of sound proved popular and saw me attain official remix releases for Mo Falk's tune "I Gotchu" and Future Class & Eleganto's banger "Domino", with the latter releasing on Future House Music.

The future... of Future House

These are songs that really push the boundaries and look outside of the norms. All curated by myself in this lovely playlist. Don't get left behind...